Artist Statement:

When starting a new piece of work, there are often times where it begins with a blank page or a lump of clay set in front of me and absolutely no sense of direction. In my day to day, I think that it can be so easy for me to hide from looking inward longer than a few seconds before pushing that away with the click of a tv remote. However this is not without the feelings of absolute dread and guilt. But it is in those moments, no plan: but pen in hand, where I allow myself to reflect and to remember, and it is from introspection and emotion that has been bubbling up inside that my favortie pieces of work often spills from. 

Themes of my work often display a desire to hold onto these precious moments of serenity- to capture how good it feels to have found myself in this space again. These works often include memories from my life that bring fourth these warm feelings for me. Other times, I am able to reflect on thoughts and emotions that are troubling to me, creating a place that allows me to explore these feelings in a way that feels right in the moment- free from distraction and hiding.

& when a piece is done, I step away feeling better for awhile